Compatibility between Yaesu's C4FM and Motorola "MOTOTRBO"

The Yaesu C4FM and MotoTRBO are not compatible. The Yaesu is C4FM FDMA while the TRBO is 2 slot TDMA. The Yaesu product is essentially a P25 digital type radio.

We have groups of folks here in Central Florida that are using both P25 and TRBO and having a lot of fun. I use both myself in amateur and professional capacities (I'm a field tech for the local Motorola shop here in Orlando). We also have a fairly active D-Star following here as well, but I also thought the cost was a bit prohibitive. I personally enjoy the TRBO operation. Using the IP Site Connect mode, there is world-wide coverage via FM repeaters. Plus, unlike D-Star, there are several manufacturers now producing TRBO/DMR radios, so prices are coming down. A company called Connect Systems is now offering a DMR radio for under $200.

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