Audio Quality: Dstar vs. P25 vs. DMR

I have no experience with D-STAR but I've heard complaints from other hams about D* audio quality. You are not alone. I do have experience with Kenwood NEXEDGE, iCom iDAS, P25 (phase

From my experiences, Kenwood's NEXEDGE (NXDN) and Icom's iDAS (also NXDN) sound very much like P25. The differences are subtle and it's hard to tell which sounds better or more natural sounding compared to the other. OTOH, DMR totally blows away P25 and NXDN, still sounding a little nasily but much more natural and less robotic than P25 or NXDN. It follows that DMR would also blow away D* in overall audio quality.

My vote for best digital 2-way communications audio is DMR.

Lately I've been selling off my Kenwood NEXEDGE (NXDN) digital radios and going with DMR all the way.

From what I have experienced with D-Star you'll have to be next to the repeater if you have a handheld or if you have a mobile d star capable radio you'll have a better chance accessing the system. The audio is some what garble or R2/D2 robot voice when someone isn't close enough.

NXDN is popular in my area but when I try to talk to the locals on NXDN it's like talking to the dead silent but when someone else is talking everyone responds. Audio is nice.

Now for MotoTRBO aka DMR as it better known as for the past 5 months now I am happy that I made the switch to this digital mode. I currently own MotorolaXPR 5550 mobile & XPR 655o both 440mhz radios. I like the sound of DMR sounds good.

Haven't tried p25 as of yet.

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