Droidstar issues

Droidstar issues...
Some droidstar users have found their app no longer works.(dmr id error.)
It happens when you try to update the Host & ID files.
To prevent this issue DO NOT update these.
If you already have an app that no longer works there is a fix available.

TYT MD-380 Setup Sending Text Messages - Message Failed

TYT MD-380 Setup Sending Text Messages - Message Failed

So I am using a TYT MD-380 on the experimental firmware now. I did not have the new firmware when I tried this same thing before. No matter what firmware I am on, every message I said comes back as failed. I tried doing the weather message to 262993 and also sending a direct message to my friend. He received the message but on my end it shows failed and his response never came through. I need help to figure out if I am missing something in the programming of the radio or my pi-star hotspot. Thanks!

Okay so I finally figured it out with the help of someone on Telegram. In the CPS on the channel info check Private Call Confirmed and uncheck Data Call Confirmed. In Brandmeister change to Chinese Radio under brand in SelfCare.



ADVERTISEMENT on a website with your information is this the Amateur Radio way. 

*** Read Terms and EUA, visit the scam website to confirm.

Motorola and Hytera or use AnyTone

I get a lot of people asking me about Motorola or Hytera radio. It seems like some of them think they want the commercial radio and are looking for support in that decision.

For most people I don’t think a commercial radio is a good choice…except in a few cases.

The biggest case is for visiting repeater sites. Both Motorola and Hytera have better receivers and get deal with the high levels of RF on at a busy repeater site. Some other radios can’t

Let me explain. I started using DMR in about 2014 DMR neither Motorola nor Hytera have released anything new. Yes, Motorola came out with the “i” models, but they do nothing for Hams except cost more. They have each released some minor features, but nothing significant for Tier II users.

Motorola still has not added support for the ETSI changes that came in 2017. This includes the Talker Alias feature that would make contact management so much easier on Motorola radios. Hytera updated their radios and repeaters, which is nice. MMDVM and OpenSpot support these new features as well. Why not Motorola?

Brandmeister Assigned Canada Talkgroups

Brandmeister Assigned Canada Talkgroups


Digital Ham Radio / Amateur Radio Discussion Group

Digital Ham Radio / Amateur Radio

Digital Ham Radio / Amateur Radio Discussion Group
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We are running out of ID for Brandmeister

We are running out of ID for Brandmeister

Getting a lot of questions around why we are issuing 3100nnn for USA and 3020nnn for Canada instead of the State/Provincial specific ID's. There are a few simple reasons.

  • We are running out of ID's, the old way of assigning ID's by state/prov isn't working
  • Many states/provs have already reach nnnn999, There is no where else for them togo
  • MCC numbering scheme was never designed for states/provs, This was a 'nice to have' made up system
  • Brandmeister as of May 1st has decided to no longer route 1nnn MCC ID's

DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country 2017-12

Summary of files containing DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country
Last updated: 2017-12-07
Total number of IDs = 78,813

HAM Radio the Explosion of Digital and why the Growth

This subject of digital as in DMR is an Exploding system compared to anything in HAM Radio, bar none, and has been for many years as a dynamic mode that is often changing.   A mode that is challenging the HAM radio community's user base as it evolves. This compared to the stagnant water of any "anything" or mode in Amateur HAM Radio.

A network from it's inception that offered a single manufacture and commercial (M0torola public service) grade devices is now offering numerous hardware manufactures, important to note that no other HAM Radio mode offers as many hardware devices to select from when purchasing. The on "fire" prices are beneficial to the consumer as value for money and the wise understand this when choosing from one of many digital modes, as found in the many affordable devices that are offered in Digital Mobile Radio DMR market. The cost of DMR device almost comparing and rival inferior FM analog transceivers.

Benefits include:  device firmware exploits from known operators like Travis to Ty many new features, for the benefits of the end user or ham radio operator.  With dismal advances in any other aspect of the radio hobby this is welcome change and may stimulate old bones in other areas of the hobby HAM radio.

To the surprise and joy of many in the DMR community the introduction of Hotspots and its popularity continue to evolve and explode the digital user base, with the ability to shift users moving to self empowered devices and also have the option to use the many repeaters as backup if available for communication tools.