HAM Radio the Explosion of Digital and why the Growth

This subject of digital as in DMR is an Exploding system compared to anything in HAM Radio, bar none, and has been for many years as a dynamic mode that is often changing.   A mode that is challenging the HAM radio community's user base as it evolves. This compared to the stagnant water of any "anything" or mode in Amateur HAM Radio.

A network from it's inception that offered a single manufacture and commercial (M0torola public service) grade devices is now offering numerous hardware manufactures, important to note that no other HAM Radio mode offers as many hardware devices to select from when purchasing. The on "fire" prices are beneficial to the consumer as value for money and the wise understand this when choosing from one of many digital modes, as found in the many affordable devices that are offered in Digital Mobile Radio DMR market. The cost of DMR device almost comparing and rival inferior FM analog transceivers.

Benefits include:  device firmware exploits from known operators like Travis to Ty many new features, for the benefits of the end user or ham radio operator.  With dismal advances in any other aspect of the radio hobby this is welcome change and may stimulate old bones in other areas of the hobby HAM radio.

To the surprise and joy of many in the DMR community the introduction of Hotspots and its popularity continue to evolve and explode the digital user base, with the ability to shift users moving to self empowered devices and also have the option to use the many repeaters as backup if available for communication tools.

Now, to the joy and relief of most digital users we have the flexibility of moving off a repeater that most often is or could be abusive by inept individuals with a CB mentality.

We have all heard those narcissistic or abusers on a repeater, and at the time many may be wishing for the handheld batteries to die.  The current proven popularity of DMR and at time of this article the explosion with the evolving hotspots that resolve territorial repeater behavior.

This is a positive and optimism view of HAM radio and not ment as disparaging or alienating, as we expect this post to be misconstrued or manipulated by some. HAM radio is a hobby first and the fundamentals is bring people together.

We understand Digital Mobile Radio is as follows and many are educated to what DMR-Marc expansive network looks like.  The (Digital Mobile Radio = DMR)   aka :  BrandMeister , DMR-Marc , DMRplus , many are always having fantastic and enjoyable conversations.

If you are not using a DMR transceiver RUN run because you are missing out,  they are prices about $100 and the view of the author after 5-6 years the mode is the best thing in HAM RADIO !


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