ADVERTISEMENT on a website with your information is this the Amateur Radio way. 

*** Read Terms and EUA, visit the scam website to confirm.

    Please read and review the policies below as you will be agreeing to these to use this service

    Data Privacy

    • Digital ID, Callsign, First or Given name and Country are minimum public required personal information in order apply for a Digital ID and will be made publicly available
    • You will have access to change most information, callsign and Firstname will only be changed via an Admin action once verified.
    • You agree to allow to host your information, which can be changed/modified at your convenience.
    • You agree to allow to share your information via database dumps, partners and searches for public consumption.

*** After reading Terms and EUA

visit the scam website::   www.radioid net

The owner G. making ADVERTISEMENT money off your information.

The review results.

Please visit our forum for the detailed review.

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