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Dual Band DMR Radios 2016

Dual Band DMR Radios


TYT Dual Band DMR Radios

TYT's long-awaited Dual Band DMR mobile radio is just about here.  My sample radios have arrived, and I am liking what I see so far.  The radio already holds more contacts than most, but an upgrade will be available soon also.  Also coming soon will be a new version of the firmware that allows you to import a codeplug from a previous TYT DMR radio (not sure yet if it will be the MD380 or the MD2017 codeplug, but it will be one of them).

Order today for an expected August 10 shipment.  Use the coupon code "GARMD9600" on the website to receive $60 off the $359 price, making the total $299 with a free programming cable, and free shipping.  You can download the software from the downloads tab now.

Lots of accessories are available for this model also, including external speaker-mic, earpiece with in-line PTT, spare batteries, and a battery eliminator is coming soon
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TYT MD-2017

We still have plenty of the MD2017 Dual Band HTs in stock.  Use the coupon code "Hoosier" to receive the radio, programming cable, and free shipping for $175.

TYT MD-2017 w/GPS

For only $10 more, enjoy the features of GPS with this radio.  Use the coupon code "HoosierGPS" at checkout to get the radio, programming cable, and free shipping for $185

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