We are running out of ID for Brandmeister

We are running out of ID for Brandmeister

Getting a lot of questions around why we are issuing 3100nnn for USA and 3020nnn for Canada instead of the State/Provincial specific ID's. There are a few simple reasons.

  • We are running out of ID's, the old way of assigning ID's by state/prov isn't working
  • Many states/provs have already reach nnnn999, There is no where else for them togo
  • MCC numbering scheme was never designed for states/provs, This was a 'nice to have' made up system
  • Brandmeister as of May 1st has decided to no longer route 1nnn MCC ID's

DMR Advanced Database Search

DMR Advanced Database Search

Registration system is OPEN, Welcome to RadioID.net.

DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country 2017-12

Summary of files containing DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country
Brought to you by VE3WZW, Last updated: 2017-12-07
Total number of IDs = 78,813

HAM Radio the Explosion of Digital and why the Growth

This subject of digital as in DMR is an Exploding system compared to anything in HAM Radio, bar none, and has been for many years as a dynamic mode that is often changing.   A mode that is challenging the HAM radio community's user base as it evolves. This compared to the stagnant water of any "anything" or mode in HAM Radio.

We understand Digital Mobile Radio is as follows and many are educated to what the group  DMR-Marc expansive network looks like with repeater maps and architecture.  The (Digital Mobile Radio = DMR)   aka :  BrandMeister , DMR-Marc , DMRplus , many are always having fantastic and enjoyable conversations.

A network from it's inception that offered a single manufacture and commercial (public service) grade devices is now offering numerous manufactures, important to note that no other HAM Radio mode offers as many devices to select from in purchasing. The on "fire" prices are beneficial to the consumer as value for money and the wise understand this, as found in the many affordable devices that are offered in Digital Mobile Radio market. The cost of DMR device almost comparing and rival inferior FM analog transceivers.

Benefits include:  device firmware exploits from known operators like Travis to Ty many now idle, for the benefits of the end user or ham radio operator.  With dismal advances in any other aspect of the radio hobby this is welcome change and may stimulate old bones in other areas of the hobby HAM radio.

To the surprise and joy of many in the DMR community the introduction of Hotspots and its popularity continue to evolve and explode the digital user base, with the ability to shift users moving to self empowered devices and also have the option to use the many repeaters as backup if available for communication tools.

Dual Band DMR Radios

Dual Band DMR Radios


TYT Dual Band DMR Radios

TYT's long-awaited Dual Band DMR mobile radio is just about here.  My sample radios have arrived, and I am liking what I see so far.  The radio already holds more contacts than most, but an upgrade will be available soon also.  Also coming soon will be a new version of the firmware that allows you to import a codeplug from a previous TYT DMR radio (not sure yet if it will be the MD380 or the MD2017 codeplug, but it will be one of them).

Order today for an expected August 10 shipment.  Use the coupon code "GARMD9600" on the website to receive $60 off the $359 price, making the total $299 with a free programming cable, and free shipping.  You can download the software from the downloads tab now.

Lots of accessories are available for this model also, including external speaker-mic, earpiece with in-line PTT, spare batteries, and a battery eliminator is coming soon
Start Shopping

TYT MD-2017

We still have plenty of the MD2017 Dual Band HTs in stock.  Use the coupon code "Hoosier" to receive the radio, programming cable, and free shipping for $175.

TYT MD-2017 w/GPS

For only $10 more, enjoy the features of GPS with this radio.  Use the coupon code "HoosierGPS" at checkout to get the radio, programming cable, and free shipping for $185

DMR MARC network to be taken offline permanently in Germany

I regret the fact, that the DMR MARC network in Germany will be taken offline permanently on July 31st, 2017 according to the official website (german):

The German DMR MARC team will cease operation of the DMR-DL server as of July 31,  We would like to thank all the sysops and users of the network for the long-term trust.
Das deutsche DMR MARC Team wird zum 31. Juli 2017 den Betrieb des DMR-DL Servers einstellen.   Wir danken allen Sysops und Nutzern des Netzes für das langjährige Vertrauen.

At this point time, we don't know about the availability of a permanent or temporary solution during the net (Saturdays 1600–1730 UTC DST / 1700–1830 UTC) for the access to WW 1 on DMR-MARC via crosslinks from other networks.

Stay tuned.

The Amateur Radio Digital Wars

The Amateur Radio Digital Wars

Top 3 Ham digitals ::
- ICOM - DStar
- Yaesu - Fusion aka C4FM
- DMR (digital mobile radio aka Mototrbo) - many companies producing transceivers - DMR :fragments: BrandMeister, DMRplus, Mototrbo/MARC
** Excluded :  NXDN, pDmr, P25, ect.


Interconnection :  when talking about all of the digitals, none communicate with each other.  A basic understanding is none of the different digitals talk together.

Frequency :  All digitals use Amateur Radio frequencies same as Analog FM - VHF or UHF frequency band, in handheld/portable or mobile or base configuration

Cost saving :  only one of the three digital has many many companies producing Transceiver. The other two * only have (1) one producer of transceivers.  The cost of a DMR transceiver abt. $100 or a fifth to the other two digitals of about $500 per transceiver

Most popular :  the first to market digital was DStar and since is the largest in the market, however with  DMR manufacturers offering a large selection of affordable transceiver.   DMR has grown in the market of multiples of 10x year over year.   The third digital is Yaesu and has very slow growth.

Summary : they are all interesting , however DMR is the clear winner.

* Kenwood TH-D74 DStar transceiver

DMR Plus North America - DMR-MARC and DMR Plus partnership

DMR Plus is the original network that developed tools to interconnect Hytera and Motorola repeaters. It has been popular in Europe for years but now, with the cooperation of DMR-MARC, it has finally arrived in North America and the South Pacific. The DMR Plus architecture is similar to D-Star. Users have talkgroups to converse, to disconnect, and to monitor channel status. Users choose from a large pool of reflectors and move back to the converse talkgroup for all QSOs.

The DMR-MARC and DMR Plus partnership is ideal. The DMR-MARC network is robust and reliable. The DMR Plus network is more aligned with experimentation and interoperability of technologies. Think of DMR Plus as the best possible implementation of the former DMR-MARC Sandbox.

Canada DMR Net - Canada TALKGROUP 302 and BrandMeister TALKGROUP 302 Link

Canada DMR Net - Canada DMR-MARC TALKGROUP 302 and BrandMeister TALKGROUP 302 Link.


The comments within is a discussion about DMR-MARC Canada TALKGROUP 302 and BrandMeister TALKGROUP 302 Linking and connecting together.

The linking of the two talkgroups together should also consider malicious action and how to prevent, a proactive consideration in the event it occurs or as it is currently happening on one Toronto VA3XPR repeater.  Such as dropping a repeater link out of the connection ... may not be adopted

Also hoping to open the Access with DV4MINI / DVMEGA / SHARKRF to the DMR-MARC Canada Net discussion .

DMR Programming for Amateur Radio

DMR Programming for Amateur Radio

Finally, a video that is about DMR Programming alone! This video includes a short presentation on some background concepts then moves into the software to show how to get your radio up and on the air from a blank codeplug.

QRZ.COM Logging of Repeater Contact DMR | BrandMeister | Fusion repeater/wiresx

I was wondering why when logging a contact in QRZ.COM, there is not an entry for fusion/wiresx, but DSTAR there is an option?

QRZ.COM has "DIGITALVOICE" as a mode. Are digitals (Fusion, Dstar, Dmr). QRZ.COM has a unique option for DSTAR.

ADI files must conform with the latest revision of ADIF protocol; the acceptable mode enumerations are as listed here: ADIF protocol;


Fusion/wiresx has yet to be adopted and also DMR and BrandMeister.

As I write this, it's the second non-pinned thread on QRZ forum: "ADI files must conform with the latest revision of ADIF protocol... Fusion/wiresx[/DMR] has yet to be adopted."

HAM Radio UHF frequency North America East Coast PAVE Phased Array Warning System

HAM Radio UHF frequency North America East Coast PAVE Phased Array Warning System (PAVE PAWS)

PAVE PAWS is a United States' Air Force Space Command radar system for missile warning and space surveillance youtu.be/uuJTWM69ZqI

I have always wondered why UHF frequencies are not used for DMR or any HAM radio in the North East Coast of North America. PAVE PAWS uses frequencies located at the lower portion of the UHF spectrum near the Amateur Radio Band.

The PAVE Phased Array Warning System (PAVE PAWS) was an elaborate Cold War radar and computer system developed to "detect and characterize a sea-launched ballistic missile attack against the United States".

With the first solid-state phased array deployed, the system at the perimeter of the contiguous United States used a pair of Raytheon AN/FPS-115 Radar Sets at each site (2 sites in 1980, then 2 more used 1987–95) as part of the United States Space Surveillance Network.