DMR Plus North America - DMR-MARC and DMR Plus partnership

DMR Plus is the original network that developed tools to interconnect Hytera and Motorola repeaters. It has been popular in Europe for years but now, with the cooperation of DMR-MARC, it has finally arrived in North America and the South Pacific. The DMR Plus architecture is similar to D-Star. Users have talkgroups to converse, to disconnect, and to monitor channel status. Users choose from a large pool of reflectors and move back to the converse talkgroup for all QSOs.

The DMR-MARC and DMR Plus partnership is ideal. The DMR-MARC network is robust and reliable. The DMR Plus network is more aligned with experimentation and interoperability of technologies. Think of DMR Plus as the best possible implementation of the former DMR-MARC Sandbox.

DMR Plus also supports a configuration that features the traditional DMR-MARC talkgroups like Worldwide English, North America, Latin America, etc. on TS1 and the DMR-Plus reflectors on TS2. The USA Regional talkgroups and the Canadian Provincial talkgroups are now connected to the TS2 reflectors.

DMR Plus supports connectivity via the DV4mini USB hotspot and the DVMEGA add-on board for the Raspberry Pi. DMR Plus also features MMDVM connectivity. Be sure to visit the Contact Us link at the top of the page and join either Traditional DMR-MARC or DMR Plus North America. You asked for more control over your repeaters and now you have it!

DMR Plus Reflectors
1624580 Canada English4580
1634581 Canada Francais4581
1644590 Newfoundland, PEI4590
1654591 Nova Scotia4591
1664592 Quebec4592
1674593 Ontario4593
1684594 Manitoba4594
1694595 Saskatchewan4595
1704596 Alberta4596
1714597 British Columbia4597
1724598 N: Territories, YT, NU4598
1734599 New Brunswick4599

The DMR-MARC Administrative Team

DV4Mini Instructions

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