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I was wondering why when logging a contact in QRZ.COM, there is not an entry for fusion/wiresx, but DSTAR there is an option?

QRZ.COM has "DIGITALVOICE" as a mode. Are digitals (Fusion, Dstar, Dmr). QRZ.COM has a unique option for DSTAR.

ADI files must conform with the latest revision of ADIF protocol; the acceptable mode enumerations are as listed here: ADIF protocol;


Fusion/wiresx has yet to be adopted and also DMR and BrandMeister.

As I write this, it's the second non-pinned thread on QRZ forum: "ADI files must conform with the latest revision of ADIF protocol... Fusion/wiresx[/DMR] has yet to be adopted."

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  1. Anonymous1/11/2017

    I have always wondered about this on QRZ.COM


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